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Benjamin Button

In 2008 a movie came out about a man named Benjamin Button. As time passed, he appeared to grow YOUNGER!

That's me! I've been practicing yoga for 5 years now and I have seen many changes in my body and mind.

Before starting yoga my hair (what's left that it) was very white, including my beard. Within 6 months I could see it starting to get darker. I attributed this anti-aging look to yoga with a focus on inversions. Inversions can be very simple such as downward facing dog, or bridge pose. Inversions can be performed by almost anyone - like to put 'legs-up-the-wall'? - inversion. And other poses such as handstands, forearm stands and shoulder stands are more demanding inversions, but one cannot hold these as long as holding supported bridge pose for example. I believe that inversions help to calm the nervous system and promote natural healing.

I have climbed mountains more 40 years or more. I used to think that I had pretty good lung capacity. As I practiced yoga and the yogic breathing techniques, my lung capacity greatly increased. As I climb now, I notice a significant improvement in my breath. I don't breath as hard when climbing. It's noticeable. During my yoga teacher training, my teacher said that the average person only used about 65% of their lung capacity. I feel that, through practicing yoga breathing (pranayama) techniques, I am now using much more of my lung capacity. My diaphragm muscle is stronger and more flexible. Who couldn't benefit from using more of your lung capacity?

So - for me, and most others, yoga is life changing. Physical changes are readily apparent. But the real juice is in the mind - the calming of the 'monkey-mind'. For me, this translates to a clearer mind, and a more relaxed nature. Calming my nervous system, promoting the parasympathetic nervous system, and reducing (or at least noticing) those 'fear-based' thoughts.

Take away: Try yoga. Do yoga. Let yoga do you!

The Yoga Collective Ak is focused on just the type of yoga to promote these kind of changes, and many more. Come be part of our community - part of our family.

Mike Miller


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