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September 20, 2020

By Amanda Mack

I have shied away from teaching gentle yoga until the pandemic hit. What started as a stop gap measure to reach out and offer some peace to my wider network of friends and family during last spring’s lockdown is now an ongoing weekly gentle beginner yoga class with steady attendance. I love greeting and teaching whoever shows up each week. Six months into this, as we watch the days get longer and the election get nearer, I invite you to join us. Like a new puppy, yoga makes an uplifting fall companion to help us weather these strangest of times. 

The class has an established rhythm where we start by discussing elements of yoga philosophy followed by mindful breathwork. We then launch into a gentle, meditative warm up that awakens the joints. Next are standing and balance poses. Classes include strength work, twists, side bends and forward folds as well. We close with a seated or reclined resting pose called savasana to round out the class. 

I feel deep gratitude for all who keep showing up. I love that my 80-year old mother in Bismarck, N.D. attends most weeks and finds it accessible. I also love that other students now call her Mom too. I love that for more able-bodied students, I can offer more active alternatives to the mostly seated postures I gear toward my mom. I love that students invite their siblings and friends from places near and far. I love that friendships have been formed and important sharing happens. I love that we all feel better after an hour together. 

If you haven’t tried yoga before or it’s been a long time, this class is a safe place to begin. If you were a regular last fall and want to join us again, I invite you to put it back on your schedule. Classes are Tuesdays at 10 a.m. via zoom. Visit for a direct zoom link to class. Classes are either $10 per class or free. 

My mom and yoga muse.

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