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Need CONNECTION? Here it is!

CONNECTION - talking with others, sharing ideas and laughs, learning, helping others, getting help, the good-bad-ugly.

People absolutely must have connections to others to live a healthy life. Functional medicine has learned that there are physiological changes and benefits to people when they have connections with others on a regular basis [and dis-ease, suffering, illness when there is little or no human connection].

The more connection with others we have is better. One cannot have enough of that community feeling, that family-type connection. Animals certainly help, but the interface with others to discuss and share thoughts and feelings are what really counts.

Many yoga classes offered across the United States are for getting a good workout and for working up a sweat. Students come and go to these classes similar to a gym. Many students never ask the yoga teacher a question. Many never talk to other students. Many students never get one-on-one attention from the teacher. Many of these classes are packed with students with mats nearly touching each other. This is what some people think they want/need.

I think what people think they want is based on the ego. They want to be thin and look strong. They want to tell others that they just got their hinney kicked in some class. The ego tries to separate and divide oneself from others. Separation is not healthy.

Come to one of our classes - or all of them! Classes at The Yoga Collective AK are not about a workout, not about what you look like (all body types and sizes are happily welcome). The classes at TYC are not about ego. TYC classes ARE about connection and inclusivity. No matter your yoga experience, no matter your flexibility, no matter your condition, you will benefit from classes at TYC.

Benefits will be both mental and physical. Yes, you will become stronger - in mind and body. You will become more flexible - in mind and body. You will meet other great people like yourself. You will make connections. You will become part of the Yoga Collective family, the community.

All TYC classes share the same theme - connection. That is the most important part. Do something for yourself - come to our classes. See you soon!!

by Mike Miller RYT

when asked "what do you like most about teaching yoga?"

Mike replied "the connection with the students"

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