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Picture of Triangle Yoga Poses at the Yoga Collective AK studio, Anchorage, Ak.

The Yoga Collective is not about fitness. We are about wellness. If students are looking for a work out, there are lots of great studios and fitness clubs in town that offer that. Students looking for a more subtle practice where they gain awareness of their mind body connection through active postures but also through demonstrations, adjustments, discussion and quiet sitting, the Yoga Collective is a good fit. In our classes, we create our own heat instead of turning the heat way up. In our classes, we prepare our bodies methodically and with the use of props and alternative variations or "bus stops" as we work toward peak poses. Our studio is small - classes sizes are no bigger than 12 people - so we know each other and give newcomers a warm welcome.

Easy Shoulder stand yoga pose option with props at The Yoga Collective Ak, Anchorage, Ak.

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