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Who are the new Teachers?

Starting October 2019, we have three teachers joining the Yoga Collective with full time classes to offer. Lisa McGuire, Daniel Ward and Mike Miller. You can read their bio's on this website under "Our Practitioners". And - they each offer a special blend of yoga offerings. Daniel has several classes (descriptions are on the calendar - just click the class) during the week, mostly focused on mindful gentle yoga. Lisa is teaching a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating restorative practice Tuesday evenings. Mike is going to provide an opportunity for the student to explore the 8 limbs of yoga with a practice that can be as gentle or as intense as the student wants to make their experience (Thursday evenings). AND, watch for workshops coming up this Fall!

The Yoga Collective is a true COMMUNITY. We help and support each other. Come join the community and enjoy both the original teachers as well as the new ones! Everyone is more than welcome!

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